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    Shopping Addiction

    Carrie Rattle, Behavioral Cents

    Tuesday, September 6, 2022

    6:15PM - 8:00PM (Pacific Time)

    Throughout Carrie's career in financial services, from working in branches while putting herself through college, all the way to Wall Street executive level, she encountered events that broke her heart.

    A woman in her 30’s couldn’t afford her health care and started moving money between credit cards just to pay expenses. A woman in her 60’s walked into the bank exhausted and distraught because her husband had just died unexpectedly – and she didn’t know how to pay the household bills. And, a wealthy woman in her 40’s had let her million-dollar husband control all the money. He threw her out one day and moved the girlfriend into the family home. This woman didn’t know she had rights, and didn’t know where to start. None of these women had ever been taught some of the basics on managing their everyday money.

    Divorce, bad credit score, debt, no time to save…one or the other will happen to most women. Carrie's mission is to help you avoid nasty surprises, or be prepared to tackle them when they come. No Judgment. No Deprivation.

    Carrie's parents were loving, humble people who provided the best life possible for their 4 kids. They often struggled, and her learning from them was to manage cash very carefully. She walks the talk – she built her own money behaviors along the way, and achieved wealth the hard way – working hard and saving diligently.

    Her coach practice brings this learning, in addition to 30 years of banking, credit cards and brokerage in multiple countries.  Her career spans both major corporations and small businesses. This breadth of experience has distilled years of knowledge about individuals, entrepreneurs and money behaviors. It’s now available to you when she works together with clients.

    Diligent money behaviors now allow her to fulfill her dream of helping other women, and enjoy money-life balance. Brian and she live life fully with good health, good food, good friends and their two silly little bunnies. They could buy a bigger home, but they don’t need it. Caring for the earth, respecting others, and a drive for excellence are key values. If she had to save one item from her closet of clothes, it would be her scruffy hiking boots!

    Break-Out Room Questions:

    (1) Are there more women compulsive shoppers than men?

    (2) Are compulsive shoppers also people with hoarding behaviors?

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10/4/2016 Making Marketing More Comfortable, Beth Buelow, PCC, The Introverted Entrepreneur

4/05/2016 Ask the Organizer Panel: Todd Allan, Structured Space LLC, moderator, Terina Bainter, Clutter Cutters, Alan Regala, ShelfGenie, Denise Allan, CPO, CPO-CD, Simplify Experts, Debbie Rosemont, Simply Placed

3/01/2016 Online Marketing and Conversion, Karen Rosenzweig, One Smart Cookie Marketing

2/2/2016 Practical Strategies for Professional Organizers: Helping Clients with Procrastination - CEU-eligible, Julie Moberly, Artful Living

1/5/2016 We All "Sell;" do you know the psychology of how people "Buy"?, Melanie Warren, S.O.S. by Melanie


11/3/2015 Organizers' Favorite Things and Holiday Social - Members Only

9/1/2015 ADHD: Recognizing Symptoms, Tools for Referral - CEU-eligible, Denise Allan, Simplify Experts, Meg McDonald, ADD Resources.org, Jill Murphy, ADD Resources.org

8/4/2015 Preparedness, Kelly Kaspar, HT2 Consulting

6/2/15 Recognizing and Respecting the Lines: Distinguishing Organizing, Coaching and Psychotherapy, Denslow Brown, Organizer Coach

4/7/15 Small Steps to Purposeful Time Management, Denise Allan, CPO-CD, Simplify Experts

3/3/15 How to Dispose of Things Responsibly Panel
1/6/15 Records Management for Home and Office, Rene Hayes, The Busy Bookkeeper

11/4/14 Organizers' Favorite Tools, Apps and Ideas
10/7/14 Relationships that Sell and Procrastination, Stephanie Owens, Pleasaholics
9/2/14 Building Resiliency for the Long Haul Risk, Lauren Glickman, Foray Consulting
8/5/14 Eliminate Risk and Gain Rewards Using Technology: A Look Inside How Savvy Successful Small Businesses Operate, Laura Leist, Eliminate Chaos
6/3/14 The NLP Name Game: Increasing Your Social Capital, Lindagail Campbell, NLP Pacific
5/6/14 Hoarding Disorder FAQs, Jennifer Sampson, The Hoarding Project
4/1/14 Understanding Chronic Disorganization, Denise Allan, CPO-CD, Simplify Experts
3/4/14 Electronic Organization, Debbie Rosemont, Simply Placed
2/4/14 Salesmanship, Darryl Russell, The Russell Group, LLC
1/17/14 The Professional Organizer as an Agent for Change, Kris Prochaska, KrisProchaska.com

11/5/13 Key Techniques for Comfortable Networking, Arden Clise, Clise Etiquette
10/1/13 Dress Your Best, Mayna Sgaramella, Closet Fly
9/3/13 Ethical Pitfalls for Professional Organizers (webinar format), Debbie Stanley
8/6/13 Learn the Top Secrets to Launching Powerful Workshops and Webinars and the Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid" (webinar format). Jean M. DiGiovanna, Workshop University
5/7/13 Lone Worker Safety Training, Larry Kaminer, The Personal Safety Training Group
4/2/13 Working with the Media, Marc Stiles, Puget Sound Business Journal; Rochelle Alhadeff and Pam Gray, Chat with Women
3/5/13 "Ask an Organizer" Panel
2/5/13 The Myers-Briggs assessment process, Jessica Butts, Jessica Butts Counseling

11/8/12 Seattle NAPO Bowling Social
10/2/12 YouTube Video Production, Synthiea Kaldi, Thumbprint Corporation
9/4/12 Leading Through your Toughest Challenges, David Koop, The Someday Group
8/7/12 Top Tech Tools for Professional Organizers, Brandie Kajino
3/6/12 Organizing your money from start to success, Wendy Gillihan, Gryffin Solutions
2/7/12 Creating your Perfect Sewing Space, Lois Hallock, Clearview Designs
1/3/12 Trash & Treasures: What goes in the Garbage & What Someone Else can Use!
Panel members: Tom Watson, EcoConsumer for the Seattle Times and Project Manager, King County Recycling and Environmental Services; Charles Brennick, InterConnection; Allie Kerr, Donate Seattle

11/1/11 Discover the Power of Twitter to get Business and Referrals, Elizabeth Tackett, Tackett Internet Marketing
9/6/11 Coping with ADHD, Dr. David Pomeroy, ADD Center of Bellevue
8/2/11 When a Client pushes your Boundaries, Jim Sorenson
6/7/11  Secrets of Self-Starters, Dr. Julie Miller
5/3/11  The upside of a downturn, Sunny Kobe Cook
2/1/11  Get to the point for women in business who mean business, Vanna Novak, Speak to Persuade
1/4/11  Informania and Technohoarding, Judith Kolberg, FileHeads Professional Organizers
10/5/10 Screaming Flea Productions and A&E Hoarders, Alice Ikeda and Allison Josephy

9/2/10  Enhance your work with visuals, Anne M. Jess, The Doodle Biz
6/7/10  Social Media to improve your business and help others, Deborah Drake, Authentic Writing Provokes
5/4/10 ADD/ADHD, Dr. David Pomeroy, ADD Center of Bellevue

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